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Names of Jesus - Wonderful Counsellor 


Names of Jesus - Wonderful Counsellor

Names of Jesus: Wonderful Counsellor

Isaiah 9:1-7

  1. A light has dawned
    • King Ahaz (2 Kings 16)
  2. Jesus our wonderful counsellor (Isaiah 9:6-7)
    • The story the gospels tell is not whistling in the dark. It’s about this child growing up and starting to put God’s kingdom into operation, close up, wherever he goes. This is what it looks like, he says, when God is running things. The world gets turned the right way up. Watch, in the gospels, as the Wonderful Counsellor goes to work, dealing with individuals but also confronting the systems which had enslaved them, and upsetting the slavemasters. (N.T Wright)



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