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Spiritual Health — Slowness 


Spiritual Health — Slowness


Mark 5:21-43

The problem of hurry-sickness.

  1. The Habit of Jesus – Unhurriedness / Slowness
  2. The Cost of Hurry-Sickness
    • Damages Love
    • Quenches Joy
    • Dispels Peace
    • Fosters Superficiality
  3. Signs of Hurry-Sickness
  4. The Cultivating of Slowness

Practical ideas

  • Wait for green man at pedestrian crossing
  • Walk don’t drive
  • Keep to the speed limit
  • Get in the slow lane and watch the scenery
  • Obey the law of phone use whilst driving
  • Stand in the longest line at the grocery store
  • Set time and time limit for social media (or just get off it)
  • Parent phones
  • Regularly take time alone for solitude and silence
  • Take up journaling
  • Make time for meditation

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