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Jesus and Judgement 


Jesus and Judgement

Jesus and judgement

Luke 12:49-58

Love wins, Rob Bell 

What did Jesus come to do? 

  1. Jesus brings the fire of God’s judgement on the last day (49)

Why would Jesus long for that day? 

            • Destruction and renewal
              • The renewal of the creation (Romans 8:19-21)
              • The settling of injustices (Revelation 8:10)
  1. Jesus bears the fire of God’s Judgement on the cross (50)
        • The cost to Jesus is incalculable. 
        • Driven by love not vindictiveness 
  1. Jesus brings division based on people’s response to him (51-53)
  2. Respond rightly to the evidence concerning Jesus (54-59)
        • Settle out of God’s court prior to the day of God’s judgement (57-59)


        • Faith in Christ
        • Faith in Christ’s judgment

Next Week — Luke 13:1-9

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