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Justified by faith, not law


Justified by faith, not law

Justified by faith, not law

Galatians 3


The issue at hand:-

  1. It is not about how to become a Christian but how to continue as a Christian.
  2. It does not involve explicitly denying Jesus but subtly adding to the gospel about him.
  3. The addition to the gospel is observance of God’s law
  1. It is faith alone and not God’s Law that justifies us before God (3:1-18)
    1. Personal Experience – Faith was the means by which they received the Holy Spirit initially. (3:1-5).
    2. Salvation History – Faith is the response that God has wanted from the beginning (3:6-14).
    3. Everyday life – the promise of an inheritance in a will (3:15-18).
  2. God’s Law exposes our need for Jesus (3:19-25)

Pick and choose?

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