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Turning Point


Turning Point

The Turning Point

Luke 3:1-4:13


    1. John prepares the way for the Messiah (John’s ministry)
      1. Reminds people of their need for the Messiah
        1. Baptism (washing)
        2. Repentance (turning)
      2. Reminds people of what the Messiah will be like
        1. Incomparably great
        2. Save and judge
    2. Jesus is the Spirit-anointed true Son of God (Jesus’ baptism)
      1. The Spirit-anointed King in the line of David (Isaiah 11)
      2. The true Son of God
      • Jesus is the true Adam who establishs a new sinless humanity (Romans 5:19)
      • Jesus is the true Israel who establishes a new chosen people (Ex 19:5-6; cf 1 Peter 2:9)

Discussion questions

  • What aspect of Jesus’ saving work as Messiah stood out to you today and why?

Next week: Justified by Faith (Galatians 3:1-29)

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