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After Babylon


After Babylon

After Babylon

Nehemiah 1, 8-10, 13


The state of affairs at the start of Nehemiah’s govenorship

  • Back in the land but no prosperity, no peace, no king

The spiritual reform of the people

  • God’s law is read (8:1-18)
  • The people confess their sin (9:1-3)
  • The people vow to follow God’s law (10:28-39)
    • Separate themselves from God’s enemies
    • Not marrying pagan people
    • Honouring the Sabbath
    • Attending to God’s temple and priesthood

The state of affairs at the close of the OT

  • The power of sin
  • Condemnation under the covenant through Moses

The need for God’s initiative

  • The new covenant
  • The king in the line of David

Next week: Fulfilment begins (Luke 3:1-4 :13)

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