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Washing, Resurrection and Reunification


Washing, Resurrection and Reunification

Washing, Resurrection and Reunification

Ezekiel 36:16-37:28


God pledges to deal with 3 more barriers to his blessing:

  1. Sin - God will cleanse his people from their sin (36:16-38)
  2. Death - God will bring his people back to life (37:1-14)
  3. Division - God will reunite his people under one king (37:15-28)

Why will God save his people?

  • For the honour of his name (36:16-23)

Who can save God’s people?

  • Only God

Discussion questions

  • Which of these Ezekiel prophecies do you find most encouraging/exciting and why?
  • How could you become more orientated towards seeking God’s glory and honour above all else?

Further resources

The Faith/Christ/Grace alone series from July 22 – July 29.

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