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The Flood


The Flood

The flood

Genesis 6-9


  • Rebellion against God spreads - murder (Gen 4)
  • Death now comes to all (Gen 5).
  1. Sin leads to judgment
    1. Sin is thought before it is deed.
    2. Sin grieves God.
    3. Sin moves God to judgment
    4. God’s judgment is on the whole creation.
  2. Grace leads to rescue
    1. Salvation is from God’s judgment on sin.
    2. Salvation is God’s initiative
    3. Salvation depends on a right response.
    4. Salvation is for a new beginning
  3. But the problem remains


  1. We can’t fix the world.
  2. A warning issued – be ready.

Discussion questions

  • What stood out to you today concerning sin and judgment?
  • What did you find noteworthy about God’s grace and rescue?

Further Reading:

“Was this an Act of God? Christian reflections upon the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami”, Rev Richard Coekin.
“How Long O Lord?”, Don Carson.
“If I were God, I’d end all the pain” (Struggling with evil, suffering and faith), John Dickson.

Next week: Turning Point – Genesis 12 & 15 

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