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God’s Glorious Plan


God’s Glorious Plan

 God’s Glorious Plan

 Ephesians 1:3-23

The questions of life – our origins, purpose, the future and God

  1. The Revelation of God’s Plan
  2. The Goals of God’s Plan
    1. For his Son (Jesus) to reign supreme
    2. For his people to enjoy blessing
    3. For his glory to shine radiantly 
  3. The Span of God’s Plan
    • From eternity past through to eternity future.

How to understand the bible

    1. The Bible is the story of God’s redemption plan
    2. The Bible is all about Jesus
  1. The Importance of Understanding God’s Plan


  1. Our prayer for this series
  2. Do we really understand what God is like and what he is doing?
  3. It’s not all about me
  4. Confidence in God’s plan

Discussion questions

  • What is one thing that has stood out to you today concerning God and his plan?
  • What may that mean for your life?

Next week– The Rise and Fall (Genesis 1-3)

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