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RT @jonboer: Luke 1:57-80 Event + Explanation = Revelation - Christmas @cherrybrookpc #sermonhighlights4 years 8 weeks ago
RT @becmroper: The book of Luke was written to bring certainty where there is uncertainty #sermonhighlights @cherrybrookpc4 years 8 weeks ago
RT @jonboer: Kids Time @cherrybrookpc with @DrYager years 8 weeks ago
RT @SarahRBell: We can learn from all the heroes of faith who died faithful but only Jesus did it without sin #sermonhighlights @cherryb ...5 years 11 weeks ago
RT @SarahRBell: Perseverance is the bookends of Hebrews 11 - fix your eyes on Jesus and persevere in faith #sermonhighlights @cherrybrookpc5 years 11 weeks ago