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Grace Alone 


Grace Alone

Grace Alone

Ephesians 2:1-10

Why should I (Lord) let you into heaven?

  1. We were once spiritually dead (v.1-3)
    • The human condition: dead in our sins
    • Rich Young Ruler (Matthew 19)
  2. Saved by Grace Alone (v.4-9)
    • GRACE - “God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.”
    • Why is grace offensive?
  3. Our response to God’s grace (v.10-12)
    • Back in the 1500s, the Church had corrupted the meaning of works teaching that:
      • Faith + works = being right with God (justification).
      But by looking at the Bible, the Reformers like Luther amended the formula to:
      • Faith + Grace = being right with God (justification) + works.
    • James 2:24, 26 – Show me your works.


  • “Christianity is not about morality in pursuit of divine reward, but about gratitude in response to God’s grace.”

Question to ponder during the week: Why is grace so hard to understand and learn?

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