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Spiritual Health: Abstinence 


Spiritual Health: Abstinence

Spiritual Health – Abstinence

2 Peter 1:3-8


  1. The purpose of the disciplines of abstinence
    Good desires become unhealthy desires when they master us
    Not asceticism
    What good gifts of God am I inclined to depend on in an unhealthy way?
  2. The practice of the disciplines of abstinence (Fasting)
    So how does fasting benefit us spiritually?
    1. Fasting reveals our true self
    2. Fasting and prayer
    3. Fasting strengths spiritual stamina and general self-discipline
    4. Fasting and gratitude to God
    5. Fasting recalibrates our posture to others/the world
    6. Sustenance from God.

Recommended Resources
The Common Rule. Habits of purpose for an age of distraction. Justin W Earley.
The Spirit of the Disciplines. Understanding how God changes lives. Dallas Willard. (Ch 9)

Next week Luke 18:1-14

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