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Rise and Fall


Rise and Fall

Rise and Fall

Genesis 1-3


  1. Things as they were supposed to be (Genesis1-2)
    1. God is the powerful creator of all things
    2. God’s creation was very good
    3. God is the ruler of his creation
  2. Things are not as they were supposed to be (Genesis 3)
    1. The contours of humanity’s rebellion
      1. Doubting God’s goodness
      2. Rejecting God’s word and his rule
      3. Wanting to be like God
      4. Reversing God’s creation order
    2. The consequences of humanity’s rebellion
      1. Creation is cursed
      2. Relationships are ruined
      3.  Death is introduced
  3. The hint that everything’s not lost (Gen 3 :15)


  1. Understanding God as he really is
  2. Appreciating the nature of humanity’s sin
  3. Understanding the consequences of humanity’s sin

Discussion questions

  • In what way has your view of God been changed by Genesis 1-3 today?
  • How may that impact your life?
  • How has Genesis 1-3 helped you better understand the world we live in?

Further Reading: Cornelius Plantinga Jr. Sin: Not the way it’s supposed to be.

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