The Woman, The Male Child and the Dragon

Revelation 12:1-17
  1. How do you think the unseen spiritual realm affects our lives on earth?
  2. Read Revelation 12:
  3. Who or what do you think the woman represents? What is significant about the 12 stars on her head?
  4. Who is the red dragon? What do you think the destruction the red dragon does represents? Why is this important to us?
  5. Why would the dragon seek to devour the child in v4 and what happened? How is this actually played out on earth and why is it important to us?
  6. What is the significance of the heavenly battle depicted in verses 7-9 relevant to us?
  7. What does the dragon's defeat mean in heaven and on earth?
  8. Why would the dragon be so intent on accusing us before God day and night? What takes this power away and what is its relevance to us?
  9. How can the victory of Christ help us face our struggles of Christian life? What encouragement can you draw from understanding the conflict between the woman, the child and the dragon?