To the Churches

Revelation 3:1-22
  1. Generally, if you were writing to the church today what would you like to say?
  2. Read 3:1-6: What had happened to the church at Sardis?
  3. What can cause spiritual deadness? How can we avoid the same fate?
  4. How does the faithful at Sardis encourage us?
  5. Read 3:7-13: What does it mean that "what he opens no one can shut , and what he shuts no one can open"?
  6. Why would a weak church be encouraged by Jesus opening the door that no one can shut?
  7. How is the persecuted church at Philadelphia encouraged in verses 9-13?
  8. What encouragement can we draw from the church at Philadelphia?
  9. Read 3:14-22: What are the dangers of being lukewarm?  
  10. What does it mean for the church at Laodicea to repent? What changed behaviour would result from genuine repentance?
  11. How would you compare the churches that faced rebuke to the church that was commended? What lessons are there for us?